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About Us

About Us

Since 1996, Unigalapagos has owned and operated high quality Galápagos Cruises, known the world over for their high standards in Service, great itineraries, and superb comfort.
Our first ship, the M/Y Darwin Explorer, presented guests with one of the best options for their cruise in the Islands. The gorgeous ship was suited for Tourism, from a supply ship that was created for W.W.2, that was never deployed into the pacific theater. According to historic records, this was one of 15 ships that were inspected and christened by Franklin D. Roosevelt, that made its way to become part of Galapagos History.
Since 2009, Unigalapagos owns and operated the fabulous M/C Catamaran Anahi, the first 16 passenger Catamaran to operate for tourism in the Islands. The Ecuadorian made ship has had the honor to receive famous and recognized guests form all around the world. With one of the best itineraries in the islands, an amazing crew, delicious food aboard, and the most fun and experienced guides, the anahi is certainly one of the most coveted ships in the Archipelago.

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