Since 1996, Unigalapagos has owned and operated high quality Galápagos Cruises and so being now known all over the world for their high standards in Service, great itineraries, and superb comfort. Unigalapagos is 100% owned and operated by a Galapagos family, based in the small city of Puerto Ayora in the Santa Cruz Islands in Galapagos. We participate in several social community projects with direct collaboration with the Galapagos Municipality and other authorities, and the payment of our taxes and monetary contributions goes directly to the local community.
Our first ship, the M/Y Darwin Explorer, presented guests with one of the best options for their cruise in the Islands. The gorgeous ship was suited for tourism, from a supply ship that was created for W.W.2 and that was never deployed into the pacific water. According to historic records, this was one of 15 ships that were inspected and christened by Franklin D. Roosevelt, that made its way to become a part of Galapagos History.
In 2007 Unigalapagos continued its Galapagos cruise operations with its own yacht, the M/C Catamaran Anahi a comfortable, spacious 16 passenger Catamaran. The Ecuadorian made ship has had the honor to receive famous and recognized guests form all around the world including the President of Finland. With one of the best itineraries in the islands, an amazing crew, delicious food aboard, and the most fun and experienced guides, the Anahi is certainly one of the most coveted ships in the Archipelago.

Our Galapagos Cruise Guides


David Torres

David Torres: Born in Ecuador in 1992, the youngest in our excellent team of Galapagos guides, David got his Bachelor degree in Tourism Business in the IMC University of Applied Sciences of Krems in Austria, and later he participated in the last 2017 Galapagos National Park Guides course obtaining with high qualifications his degree as official Galapagos Naturalist Guide.
He has travelled extensively around the world participating as Tour Leader assistant in several cultural and adventure expeditions in Nepal, Tanzania trekking and climbing Kilimanjaro, in Peru trekking and climbing in several areas including the Cordillera Blanca, the Ausangate Mountain Range and the fabulous Inca Trail, in Bolivia trekking and climbing on the Cordillera Real, in Chile trekking in Patagonia, in Argentina trekking in the area of Chalten and Ushuaia, traveled extensively in China, Europe and USA. In Ecuador he was trekking and climbing several peaks including Cotopaxi, Cayambe, and other volcanoes. And being a permanent resident of the Galapagos Archipelago, he knows the Islands well in detail. He speaks fluently Spanish, English and Italian.


Roberto Quintana

Born in Ecuador in 1967, is one of the most experienced Galapagos guides. He has graduate from the Technical University of Loja, Ecuador in the field of Pedagogy and before obtaining his Galapagos Guide degree in 2001, he has been working in the educational field for several years as teacher and director in several high schools in Ecuador continental and in Galapagos on Santa Cruz Island he was appointed as General Director of the Thomas de Berlanga Private High School.
He traveled extensively in Europe and in USA where he participated in several tourism and guiding seminars, and participated since 2001 in the different guiding courses organized by the Galapagos National Park obtaining his Guiding Degree with the highest qualification. He speaks fluently Spanish and English.


Carlos Angermeyer

Hein grew up in the Galapagos and spent over 40 years on the Islands. As a child he spent a lot of time with his grandparents who initially took scientists around the Islands, so he spent a lot time in close contact with Nature.
He is a naturalist guide since 1990. Dedication to photography is a big part of his life.
Hein worked at the Galapagos National Park for 4 ½ years as a Webmaster, Network Technologist, working on different conservation projects. He is still working partial time as supporting consultant during his free time.
He grew up speaking three languages: German, his first language, as well as Spanish and English.
He spent close to 15 years in Europe, studying and traveling as Tour Leader around the World with German Groups.

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